About Our Classes

Classes at AKFF are small, and emphasize one-on-one instruction and training with partners. A typical class will consist of 10 minutes or so of stretching, warmup, and exercises which cultivate flexibility, proper posture, breathing, and expression of power in technique. After that, students are paired off with each other for partner drills and various training regimes that consume easily 50 minutes. In some cases, multiple students may be put into a group for multiple opponent scenarios. When required, pads, mats, and protective gear is used. The class atmosphere is one of serious focus, but also support, encouragement, camraderie, and fun. As members of a wider Kung Fu family, we seek to not only cultivate our own Kung Fu skills, but those of our peers as well.

At AKFF, the art of Seven Star Praying Mantis is taught for close range combat and practical self-defense, utilizing an extensive arsenal of natural weapons, including: punches, kicks, elbows, knees, shoulders, palms, chops, trapping, grabbing, hooking, throwing, joint locking, ground fighting, defense against unarmed and armed attackers, in both single and multiple opponent situations. In addition, we teach empty-hand forms (solo practice techniques) and usage of traditional Chinese weapons. We utilize a structured curriculum and proven training methods that transition forms into fighting, and focus on assimilating the art of Praying Mantis Kung Fu into muscle memory. The goal is to replace primitive human reactions with sophisticated, deadly, reflexes.

We also seek to cultivate the other physical and mental benefits of Kung Fu training, including health, balance, posture, well-being, focus, respect for others, etiquette, and responsibility. We believe that as martial artists, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our communities, our families, and to defend those who cannot defend themselves. We also teach about the rich history of Kung Fu, and how it is inseparably intertwined with the history and culture of China itself.

What We Don’t Do

While Praying Mantis is physically demanding, it is not a gymnastic art. We do not practice jumping, spinning, leaping maneuvers, or attempt to kick high in the air for show. We train flexibility, but do not spend time perfecting splits or unnecessary body contortions. This is not the Kung Fu that you see in movies. Emphasis at AKFF is on training combat effectiveness, application, and self defense using a traditional martial art.

Praying Mantis is not a sport art, and while AKFF students may elect to compete in tournaments, that is certainly not our focus.

We do not tolerate violence against the weak, intimidation, machismo, verbal abuse, or any behavior that seeks to build one’s self up by tearing others down, whether in class or out.